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Bommel's Sounds

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~S~ Gents.

I am dropping a directory here to host 'Bommel's Sounds', a sound-pack to replace many default sounds in the game.

I know this works on Mac, but do not know if it works the same on PCs. Off the top of my head, I do not think its compatible due to the method in which OS X reads relative paths versus the way Windows reads paths.

For example, the Bommel's Sound file bf109g.txt calls the engine sound bomsnd/db605a. If there was a PC version, I suspect the sound file path would be bomsnd\db605a. The difference is forward slash "/" for Mac, backslash "\" for Windows. I would love to have someone with a PC test this and report back. If that is indeed the only difference needed to get the sounds to work on a PC, then let me know and I can edit the files and post a Win Version of Bommel's Sounds.
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