New Recruits to Tainan Kokutai

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New Recruits to Tainan Kokutai

Post by Sakai »

Welcome to Tainan Kokutai!

Who we are:

Tainan Kokutai (TK) is a squad within Warbirds, a WWII air combat simulation. We take our squad name from the real Tainan Kaigun Kokutai, an Imperial Japanese Navy unit deployed in the southwest Pacific in the early stages of the war. Tainan Kokutai was the premiere fighter squadron for the Japanese in the Papua New Gunnea and Solomons archipelago and is known as "The Squad of Aces."

TK is comprised of elite players in great standing within the Warbirds community. It is our mission to fly with honor and improve the community by example. We are experts in flight combat with and against all the planes from any country and have specialized experts in Attack (Jabo), Fighters and even in Tanks.

What we do:

Within Warbirds, TK participates in the regular arenas known as "The Main", "WW2" and in the WW1 arena "DoA" (Dawn of Aces) under the fictional name "Tainan Jasta." We are a member of the Squad Select Series, known as the S3 and fly in an affiliation known as "Luftflotte 6." with Jagdgeschwader 51 and Jagdgeschwader 77. In the S3s, we fly exclusively for the Axis side. Sakai and Jugggo are regular Commanders in the S3s and as part of Lf6, will plan the majority of frames within any given series. During events in the Pacific, Tainan Kokutai lead Luftflotte 6 flight.

Join Our Squad

Let us know if you are interested in joining Tainan Kokutai. You can either register with this forum and post in this thread, or you can send an email to Sakai, Jugggo, Mspiro or Hutani.

~Dewa mata.

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